Stephen  Taylor

Stephen Taylor

Portrait Photographer Artist

Stephen Taylor, Portrait Artist

Stephen Taylor, Portrait Artist
3 Olcott Sqaure Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Company Profile:

As a Portrait Artist, I create a timeless works of art. I specialize in Fine Art Portraiture capturing the essence and character of the person or persons at a moment in time, producing a permanent memory to be enjoyed through generations. I have been privileged to create these heirloom images for the past 30 years for officials, corporate board rooms and website and private commissions.

In the realm of photography and portrait art, one is entirely different from the other. Someone would not go to a family physician for heart surgery, they would seek out the talents of a cardiologist. The same holds true with portrait art. If one wants to have a proper portrait, which differs in its artistic aesthetic from a basic photograph, they will need a talented portrait artist.

I see each client through an artist’s eye and bring my passion, experience and specialized artisan techniques to each piece.

Clients who collect and desire fine art pieces as a part of their home décor revel in the beauty of Fine Art Portraiture. What can be more invaluable and personal to one’s heart then a portrait of their family? These portraits capture a personal moment in time that can be handed down from generation to generation. One client referred to my work as: “A Stephen Taylor Portrait is on loan as you merely take care of it for the next generation to enjoy.”

Have a moment last forever. When you capture a moment through a Fine Art Portraiture, you share joy and create memories to last a lifetime and bequeath an incomparable gift for generations to come.

Not only is portrait art an aesthetically pleasing house décor it also builds high self-esteem and confidence in children. These timeless pieces represent the love, value, and care that each family member has for one another.

Let me create your next cherished heirloom.

I also offer a network alliance with family portrait gifting client loyalty program for businesses.