Thomas  Neyland

Thomas Neyland

Managing Partner


Company Profile:

HYDR8  is the Tri-State’s leading water purification specialists, providing touchless and bottleless water stations that transform tap water into alkaline and electrolyte-enhanced hot, cold, sparkling water and ice on demand.  Our products support green and sustainability efforts, and we have hands-free technology, which maintains ease of use and Covid safety protocols.

Our purified water (and ice) is delivered in Covid compliant and self-sanitizing systems. Our units use 5 industrial-grade micro filters and reverse osmosis to take away dissolved solids like lead, mercury, and arsenic often found in the water supply.  We use in-tank sanitization to keep the water clean and fresh until dispensed.

Staying in line with our go-green initiatives, we recently launched CAFFEIN8 – a coffee division offering state-of-the-art coffee machines and tree- and plastic-free kitchen products. We have options that include “Bean to Cup”, which grinds beans on the spot, as well as Pod Machines with compostable pods, which eliminate the need for K-Cup plastic waste.

We are on a mission to eliminate plastic bottle use, reduce carbon emissions, provide the healthiest water one can possibly find, eliminate the hassles associated with bottled water and poor service companies, and spread love wherever we go!

Go Green! Go Clean! Go Hands Free!