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Networking Tips for Geeks, by Rick Schluter, Reverseman

Posted on: June 5 2019
I’m not a natural networker. My background is in nuclear physics, and when I got the mandatory lobotomy in order to go into sales, I found myself woefully unprepared to compete against seasoned professionals. Well-intentioned managers gave me... read more

Sick of Stale Danishes? How I Found a Better Breed of Networking, by Damon Finaldi, Tele-Data Solutions

Posted on: June 5 2019
Hi! I’m Damon Finaldi, and I’m the president of Tele-Data Solutions in Union, New Jersey. We help small and midsize businesses throughout the New Jersey area solve their business problems through voice-over IP phone systems and solutions.... read more

Business to Business Networking, by Bob Leech, NJGEC

Posted on: June 5 2019
Business is about numbers, and most people do business with people they know, like & trust. Whether your business is b2b or b2c even in today’s world of social media; business development requires getting out and meeting prospects / client’s... read more

Three Networking Techniques by a Seasoned Networker, by Marcy Gross, Sheldon Gross Realty

Posted on: June 5 2019
My decades of experience in the commercial real estate and property management field have shown me that your business is only as successful as your ability to retain existing clients, while simultaneously attracting new ones. This is what makes an... read more

How I Came to Networking and what it Means to Me, by Melissa Geiger, M & T Bank

Posted on: June 5 2019
If you asked me a few years back what networking in NJ was like and how it could help me, I don’t think I could have answered you.  Fast forward, and now I can tell you how much networking in NJ has helped me. Three years ago I was promoted to... read more

Why EANJ Works for Me, by Harvey Gilbert, ESQ

Posted on: May 24 2019
I have been practicing law for over 49 years. I am a general practice attorney but I focus on real estate transactions for residential and commercial clients.  I handle zoning and planning matters and in fact, anything problem that relates to real... read more

Networking Tips for a 30+ Year Pro, by Ralph Tarnofsky

Posted on: May 13 2019
I have over 30 years of business networking experience in the N.Y. metro market. My business survives on word of mouth and referrals, so networking with other well-established business owners is essential to the success of my business. There are... read more

3 Quick Tips for a Better Website – David Taylor Design

Posted on: March 2 2016
3 Quick Tips for a Better Website KEEP IT CLEAN:  Make sure that your website isn’t cluttered with A LOT of text. Today, Internet users are more visual and glean information more quickly via photos, videos, or infographics. So, using visual... read more

Integrated Marketing – Print Tech

Posted on: March 2 2016
Integrated Marketing Print Tech has realized that the new way to market your company is not just all the new ideas with social media and the like (emails, purls, surveys, blogs, web content, etc.), but a combination of new and old – we call... read more