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Tax Rules about Unreimbursed Business Expenses from Joseph Acquavella, ACS Accounting

Posted on: February 11 2020
UNREIMBURSED BUSINESS EXPENSES.   Old Law allowed W-2 employees the ability to deduct unreimbursed job-related expenses paid with personal funds as miscellaneous itemized deductions on their personal income tax returns. Some examples of... read more

Networking Tips for Geeks, by Rick Schluter, Reverseman

Posted on: June 5 2019
I’m not a natural networker. My background is in nuclear physics, and when I got the mandatory lobotomy in order to go into sales, I found myself woefully unprepared to compete against seasoned professionals. Well-intentioned managers gave me... read more

Sick of Stale Danishes? How I Found a Better Breed of Networking, by Damon Finaldi, Tele-Data Solutions

Posted on: June 5 2019
Hi! I’m Damon Finaldi, and I’m the president of Tele-Data Solutions in Union, New Jersey. We help small and midsize businesses throughout the New Jersey area solve their business problems through voice-over IP phone systems and solutions.... read more

Three Networking Techniques by a Seasoned Networker, by Marcy Gross, Sheldon Gross Realty

Posted on: June 5 2019
My decades of experience in the commercial real estate and property management field have shown me that your business is only as successful as your ability to retain existing clients, while simultaneously attracting new ones. This is what makes an... read more

Headshot vs.  Executive Portrait vs. facebook picture

Posted on: January 31 2018
A - lways  B - e M - arketing Here are some important questions you should ask yourself if you want to do more business and want to be paid what you feel you are worth. Why is a proper portrait valuable to a professional like... read more