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Posted on: March 7 2016

Whether you like your music served up Old School or New Cool, PAC’s Ralph Tarnofsky discusses how to get the very best sound:

There are two current sources of high performance music. Uncompressed digital music files and vinyl records. Which one is right for you? – Let’s explore some possibilities!

If your satisfied with your current sound system and turntable and you still have some great old records, I would suggest a resurrection! When a turntable ages (regardless of usage), it will require some basic maintenance, however it can quickly be put back into service spinning your vinyl collection.

Alternatively, if a competent turntable specialist inspects and recommends a new one, I would go that route. A new turntable of reasonable quality and performance level starts at only $450. While a higher end turntables sell for considerable more, even a base model will deliver sound quality that is more enjoyable than any other commonly available music source.

Today’s records are pressed with great precision on very thick and heavy vinyl meaning better sound and no warps. The condition that you keep your record collection will also have an impact on sound quality. Fortunately, there are now economically priced professional grade cleaning machines will restore the sound that may be getting lost underneath layers of dirt.

Should you choose to pursue the digital domain, you will ideally want to use only uncompressed digital music files. When music is compressed, it chops off the dynamic range of a recording. While this does save storage space on a hard drive, the subsequent fidelity is harsh and sterile. For a warmer, more lifelike sound stick to uncompressed music files which are now widely available for purchase and downloading in an ever-increasing variety of musical genres.

Once you have downloaded the music files onto your home computer, you can access them with a variety of audio components that are specifically designed to interface between your computer and your music system. A quality unit starts at around $1,000 and all of them offer the convenience of smart phones with apps that allow the user to access and control their newly acquired digital music library. These digital music interface components can either connect to your existing music system or replace it.

Either way you choose to go, the results will outperform most compact discs, satellite radio, and i-tunes. So get ready to start exploring and enjoying the joys of quality music and remember PAC is always here to lend a helping hand.


Ralph T

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