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Posted on: March 2 2016

Integrated Marketing

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Print Tech has realized that the new way to market your company is not just all the new ideas with social media and the like (emails, purls, surveys, blogs, web content, etc.), but a combination of new and old – we call this Integrated Marketing – or as we like to say “the circle of life for marketing”. We have found that with a short survey of our clients’ current marketing plan, we can show them how to keep the spend down with repurposing the way they are using their marketing dollars. When new things come out many like to flock to them and forget most of the time tested and truly effective methods that will complement the techno solutions.

Remember when most of what you received in the mail was “Junk Mail”? Now there is much less. So now what do most of us do first thing in the morning? – Delete the “Junk E-Mail”. Studies have found that after you delete the emails, you can’t recollect any of what was sent just a few short seconds after you deleted them. This proves the point that you have to touch your prospects in many different ways to get their attention. Integrated Marketing! Email still works but it works much better with a plan that includes printed materials and direct mail too!

If you wish to find out more about Integrated Marketing, please visit We will be happy to help in any way that we can!

One other thing – for every tree that is harvested for paper production two or more are planted. Less paper use = less trees. – Paper is just like corn… the more you eat the more they plant – a renewable resource for sure.


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