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Posted on: March 17 2016

Is Spring HVAC Maintenance Is Really Important?

Commercial HVAC Company - EANJ - The Tustin GroupWith spring right around the corner, it is time for a vital seasonal HVAC maintenance check. Before long you’ll need to switch your HVAC system from heating to cooling during business hours. Even though it may be a while before the really hot & humid weather comes, you don’t want to find yourself on a waiting list for the next available HVAC technician to arrive at your building to get your air conditioning working on the first hot, sticky day of the year.

After a period of inactivity, it’s not unusual for failures to occur when a system is turned back on. Your building’s air conditioning system has been dormant for months and it should checked out before you start using it regularly. Electrical connections can become loose, which results in hot connections, low voltage to motors, high amperage that can damage motors and can even cause a fire. Most HVAC maintenance contracts include checking this, but it’s not normally done during non-contract service calls.

Another important part of typical spring maintenance procedures is to clean the outdoor coils and check for any problems that may have developed over the winter. Clogged coils, dirty filters and loose belts can impede energy efficiency and waste money by causing units to run more frequently and for longer periods of time. Research shows that neglected HVAC units need to work 20% harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained unit. Implementing a regular program of pro-active HVAC maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your system operating safely and efficiently.

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Coils matted with dirt cause HVAC units to run inefficiently.

In addition to cleaning coils, changing belts and replacing air filters, an experienced HVAC maintenance technician will monitor the system operation during the inspection and can recognize anomalies that a non-trained person is not likely to notice. Catching any developing problems early on can help reduce the amount of billable hours charged for troubleshooting problems, which may then be corrected with minimum expense and inconvenience. Left unattended until a failure occurs, these problems will very likely result in higher repair costs.

While quarterly inspections are recommended, you should schedule at least two HVAC maintenance inspections per year at a bare minimum. Investing in a preventive maintenance program with a reputable HVAC company will ensure that these systematic checks are performed regularly on these valuable building assets. A reliable, efficiently operating HVAC system means more comfort for your tenants and more money saved for building owners over the long term.

Happy Spring!

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