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Dressing for business in todays competitive business world.

Posted on: April 29 2019
Guest Author: Robert Breslau of Prestige Customwear
Dressing for a competitive business environment.
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Have you ever been to a meeting where everyone involved is dressed different?  Some are very formal in a suit and tie and others are dressed for a day on the golf course?

Being a man or a woman and understanding how to dress yourself professionally and relate to your clientele is much more important than you may think.  For example, if you are in the insurance business and are trying to get a contractor to purchase your insurance and your dressed in a suit and tie you might scare them away.  But if your dressed in a nice shirt and pant will  make them feel more comfortable to do business with and give you a better chance to successfully sign up the contractor.  In this competitive business world you have to give yourself every edge.

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