Bill Schumacher

M & T Bank
Member Since: 2013

“The Executives Association of NJ (EANJ) has been one of the best networking groups I’ve belonged to.  I have been involved with a number of different organizations over the years, but none could compare to the “EANJ Experience”.  It has kept me coming back!

The regularly scheduled meetings and events,  relevant business topics being discussed, and the professional atmosphere create an environment that is conducive to networking.

EANJ’s status as a not for profit organization whose mission is networking among business owners and executives through quality referrals is second to none.   EANJ member referrals are usually through personal introductions with decision makers and targeted prospects.

Another huge advantage of EANJ is the consistent source of supply.  As a member, I know I can count on that EANJ member being a consistent source/resource that will follow up and keep me informed as the referral materializes.

I would highly recommend the organization of you are looking for quality introductions and consistent sources of supply. “

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