David Taylor & Tanya Marks

David Taylor Design
Member Since: 2012

EANJ is, by far, the best networking group we’ve ever been a part of. The members are extremely qualified and professional individuals with a wealth of knowledge in their field and an impressive list of connections. Not only do we love being a part of this group for networking purposes but we’ve also made some great friends along the way.

When we started with the group back in 2012 it took a while for everyone to get to know us and what David Taylor Design was all about. Interestingly, the digital marketing and graphic design team that was in the group prior to us apparently left a sour taste in the group’s mouth and we had a bit of a hard time earning people’s trust. However, after meeting with all of the members and showing them our work and who we are as people and business owners, referrals started to be made.  We were hooked.

Since 2012, approximately 25% of our business now comes from referrals and connections we’ve made through EANJ and also providing our services directly to other members.  So, we have no plans to leave this amazing group anytime soon.  Apparently, we’ve done such a great job within the group that Tanya was asked to be a Board of Trustee and now is the Marketing Chair for 2016 & 2017!  We look forward to growing our relationships and our business with EANJ for a long time to come.

David Taylor, Founder & Creative Director
Tanya Marks, Partner & COO

David Taylor Design

3 Wing Drive
Suite 240
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Phone:  973-317-8765


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