Jeff Naeem

Member Since: 2015

Before joining EANJ, I visited 17 other weekly morning networking groups looking for the one that I thought would have the highest caliber of people to connect with. After my first meeting at EANJ I knew my search was over. The general rule of thumb for most groups is that over a long time you will start seeing results but I made my investment back in less than 2 months of being a member.

There are a number of elements that make EANJ unique such as the fact that it is primarily comprised of business owners (with a few top notch representatives) and they are selective with who they pick. They want people who already know how to network the right way and it shows. Most importantly though, the members of this group know how to give value first. Before I even joined, I gave my payroll processing business to Lisa Koch-Fraser (after interviewing 9 other payroll companies!) because she was the only one who called me out of the blue not to close to sale but simply to give me a helpful piece of advice.

When I actually joined, I was taken in quickly and referred to some very good projects. One of my first big jobs was from Mark Yecies. At our house call, Mark told me some valuable insights about the group and business in general and trusted me to work with his client who then used us three different times in three months! Around the same time, I set up several meetings for Mark and I to go on which both resulted in business for him as well. Therein lies the beauty of all networking and especially EANJ which is if you’re always giving you usually wind up getting back ten fold. After visiting 17 different groups I’m thrilled that I found a true gem.

Jeff Naeem


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