Lawrence Z. Kotler, Esq.

Carlin & Ward, P.C.
Member Since: 2001

I have been a member of the Executives’ Association of New Jersey for over 15 years, having joined in 2001.  It was a good decision at the time and I have never looked back.  As a member, past President and Board member it turned out to be a life-changing decision at both a business and personal level.  Membership in EANJ has been invaluable to my law practice.  Over the years I have represented numerous members, some of whom have become clients of a longstanding nature.  And, just as importantly, my fellow members have given me innumerable referrals to businesses and individuals outside the organization for whom I have performed legal services.    On a personal level, the experience has been unlike any other.  I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.   While EANJ is the oldest “networking” organization in New Jersey, what really sets us apart is our professionalism and relationship building.

Membership in EANJ comes with responsibilities and it is by performing these responsibilities that we become reliable business “partners” who are able to recommend each other to third parties without hesitation, knowing that the job will be done in a professional manner that will reflect well upon us individually and as a group.   But perhaps the most important quality of EANJ membership that I have come to appreciate over the years is the feeling of satisfaction that comes from being a lead giver as opposed to a taker.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have helped a fellow EANJ member develop his or her business by providing an introduction to a meaningful business opportunity.  They say that what goes around comes around and,  in the most positive sense of the phrase, nowhere is it more true than as a member of EANJ.


Lawrence Z. Kotler, Esq.
Carlin & Ward, P.C.