Vladimir St. Phard

Customized Benefit Solutions
Member Since: 2005

For 10 years + I have been driving over an hour first thing on Thursday mornings and some evenings to “network” with business owners and high-level executives in their respective companies. However, networking has become just a part of what the Executive’s Association of New Jersey (EANJ) has meant to me and my company, Customized Benefit Solutions. EANJ delights in being Go-Givers (based on the Bob Burg book) and excited for opportunities to help each other grow, not just in our business but also our professional development.

Knowing that you have a tremendous resource of people who can help you navigate the contacts that you want to speak with and meet is invaluable. We have had Governors, authors commissioners and many amazing speakers join us in my years in the organization. The information and the assistance you receive are priceless provided you are willing to give of yourself as well.

If I was not sure of the value of EANJ, it was confirmed in early 2016 when I lost my teenage son. The organization visited my house, my son’s service and has donated time and resources to Fly High Coby in honor of my son. Fly High Coby seeks to help youth of all ages with a focus on suicide prevention. Ironically, the money raised by EANJ will go towards a scholarship to a New Jersey boy or girl.

I cannot say enough of what a blessing the Executive’s Association of NJ has been but suffice it to say, I am very glad I joined.

Vladimir St. Phard
Customized Benefit Solutions

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