The Execs Works. Just Ask Our Members…

The Executives Association of New Jersey has been the best professional networking group I’ve had the pleasure of being a member. Throughout my career, I have been involved in several different organizations but EANJ has exceeded my expectations......read more

Douglas Rahn

IND Corporation, Inc.
Member Since: 2014
I have been a member of EANJ for 20+ years and have found the association very valuable for making great business relationships and long-lasting friends. EANJ is the best for networking with business professionals. I feel honored to be part of this......read more

Robert Breslau

Prestige Customwear
Member Since: 1996
I’ve participated in many business networking groups, and EANJ is hands-down the most fulfilling networking experience that I’ve ever had. I’ve called on my fellow EANJ members to not only solve my client’s needs, but my personal and family......read more

Eric Speidel

IND Corporation, Inc.
Member Since: 2014
I have been a member of EANJ for just short of two years and have made excellent contacts with the business community in that short period of time.  I most enjoy the fact that I can access all types of business acquaintances so that I am a stronger......read more

Harvey H. Gilbert, Esq., P.C.

Harvey H. Gilbert, Esq., P.C.
Member Since: 2015
Even though I've personally only been a member of EANJ since last year my company, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office has actually been a member for several years.  We love this group so much we're also members of our sister group, EANYC. What I've seen......read more

Tom Davis

Atlantic Tomorrow's Office
Member Since: 2016
My membership in EANJ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my business career. My network has grown exponentially. EANJ has made a significant difference in my business’ bottom line. Best of all I have made deep and lasting......read more

Mark Yecies

SunQuest Funding
Member Since: 1998
EANJ is an extraordinary group of unique entrepreneurs. I remember when I was first invited as a guest over twenty years ago being very skeptical and thinking this probably isn't the right group for my business. I found out immediately that all the......read more

Gary Maffettone

Metric Plumbing &Heating Inc.
Member Since: 1996
When I joined EANJ over 12 years ago, I couldn’t envision being out of the office every Thursday morning when I normally get my service trucks on the road.  It has become such an integral part of my business development that I wouldn’t miss a......read more

Joseph Spinella

Spinella Electrical Contracting Inc
Member Since: 2005
Being part of EANJ has added enormous depth to my network of capable people and companies that I, my clients and my colleagues rely on to grow our businesses.  As a member for just over a year, friendships and alliances have already taken root and......read more

Cal Thomas

Sandler Training
Member Since: 2016
I just celebrated my 17th anniversary as a member.  Joining EANJ is quite possibly the best business decision of my professional career. It’s “powerful”, “effective”, and fun! It’s a result-driven organization that truly cares about......read more

Raymond Pavese

Pavese-McCormick Agency, Inc.
Member Since: 2000
For 10 years + I have been driving over an hour first thing on Thursday mornings and some evenings to “network” with business owners and high-level executives in their respective companies. However, networking has become just a part of what the......read more

Vladimir St. Phard

Customized Benefit Solutions
Member Since: 2005
I have been with EANJ for the better part of 2 years and I should say that this is the best Networking group I’ve ever been a part of.  The members are excellent and I’ve been able to cultivate a number of invaluable relationships with some of......read more

Jimmy Canabe

Jimmy Canabe Painting Company
Member Since: 2015
Over the last six years, I have found my membership in EANJ to be extremely valuable both professionally and personally.  I know that my fellow EANJ members act as a sales team for me when they are out marketing and networking for their own......read more

Ethan Kassel

Garden State Eldercare
Member Since: 2011
When I joined EANJ I didn't know what to expect.  I had been a member of lots of different groups. Two things happened. The leads I received are solid prospects that are expecting my call and have a real need. The second thing was that the interest......read more

Chuck Sales

Sales/Man Business Associates
Member Since:
My company has been a member of EANJ since 1991, that by itself speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this group.  This is by far the best networking organization we have ever been a part of. The individuals who attend the meetings are movers......read more

Russ Evans

Print Tech
Member Since: 1991
Since I joined in November 2015, Executives Association of New Jersey has been instrumental in growing my business.  Every Thursday, I have a room full of seasoned business owners eager to support, teach and guide me.   All members take a personal......read more

Dina Frauwirth

Adult Care Advisors
Member Since: 2015
I joined EANJ in July 2012 as an alternate member for Integrated Payroll Systems.  It was quickly evident that EANJ was superior to many other business networking groups.  I felt warmly welcomed from day one, and members were eager to schedule......read more

Lisa Koch-Fraser

Integrated Payroll Systems
Member Since: 2012
"I joined EANJ last year having never been part of a B2B networking group before. I didn’t really know what to expect, and all I can say is that I have been very impressed with the professionalism brought to every meeting and event that the......read more

Caroline Shelly

HF Planners
Member Since: 2015
“The Executives Association of NJ (EANJ) has been one of the best networking groups I've belonged to.  I have been involved with a number of different organizations over the years, but none could compare to the “EANJ Experience”.  It has......read more

Bill Schumacher

M & T Bank
Member Since: 2013
I joined EANJ in 2002 and have enjoyed being an active member all these years. EANJ is so much more than a networking group.  I like to call it a business support and development group. The members of our group are top notch professionals......read more

Marcy Hoffer

Harry Hoffer Advertising Specialities
Member Since: 2002
I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and belong to a number of business networking groups throughout the years. My business category is GPS tracking – a category that typically doesn’t encounter much in the way of competition within any of......read more

Nick Zemlachenko

Guardian Tracking Systems
Member Since: 2012
I have joined many networking clubs over the past thirty years of being in my own business. Most of these other networking groups don’t work. EANJ requires continuous time and involvement on a weekly basis. If you are willing to make this type of......read more

Joseph Acquavella

Acquavella, Chiarelli, Shuster, & Co. LLP
Member Since: 2012
EANJ has been a part of my business for over 15 years!  That’s right I have been a member for over 15 years .  What other networking group can say that they have been helping business owners for 81 years!  It is a dynamic group of business......read more

Paul H. Townsend, Esq.

Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, LLC
Member Since: 2001
Before joining EANJ, I visited 17 other weekly morning networking groups looking for the one that I thought would have the highest caliber of people to connect with. After my first meeting at EANJ I knew my search was over. The general rule of thumb......read more

Jeff Naeem

Member Since: 2015
EANJ is, by far, the best networking group we've ever been a part of. The members are extremely qualified and professional individuals with a wealth of knowledge in their field and an impressive list of connections. Not only do we love being a part......read more

David Taylor & Tanya Marks

David Taylor Design
Member Since: 2012
The Executives' Association of New Jersey has been invaluable. Members have continuously provided us with quality leads. Many of these were turned into projects and several of them have become permanent accounts. Ike King Owner Brantley Bros.......read more

Ike King

Brantley Bros. Moving & Storage
Member Since: 1981
The Executives' Association of New Jersey (EANJ) makes every part of our business better. The people in the association are immersed in the local business community, committed to helping each other be more successful and dedicated to helping each......read more

Ralph Tarnofsky

Professional Audio Consultants
Member Since: 1981