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Posted on: June 6 2016

What to Look for in an Assisted Living

Don’t let elaborate chandeliers and fancy décor fool you when choosing an assisted living community for your senior loved one. Of course, a pleasant and nurturing environment is important, but there is so much more to consider when looking at assisted living facilities. Having an understanding of specific things to look for and knowing what questions to ask are vitally important. Doing your homework prior to even making an appointment to tour a facility can help you to avoid making the wrong choice.

Care for Today and for the Future

The most important aspect when looking for an assisted living facility is the provision of care. It is not only important to make sure that the proper level of care is offered upon move-in, but to check that increasing levels of care can be provided for down the road. One of the most disappointing things to hear from a care facility would be that your loved one has to move out because their care needs cannot be met any longer. It is important to know if all care needs can be met not only today, but well into the future. It would not be a desirable outcome to get settled, make new friends and gain a sense of comfort and peace to only be told that their needs can no longer be met and that other accommodations must be made.

Happy, Engaged and Stimulated

After you have discovered the appropriate level of care can be provided throughout the entire stay, turn your attention to the activities program. Look at the calendar and ask plenty of questions about the frequency of activities being offered, the types of programs and the satisfaction level of those participating. When visiting, check to see if the residents look happy, engaged and stimulated. A good activities program will promote socialization and prevent isolation. This helps put your loved one at ease, ensuring that they will not miss out on a moment of their favorite hobbies or interests. We recommend that you make an appointment to tour a facility at the same time as your loved one’s favorite activity is being offered. Having the comfort of knowing this activity is scheduled could make this important decision just a little easier to make.

Do your homework in advance, and check out all of the possibilities on your own first. Then take your loved one to see just the few options you have narrowed down. This will minimize confusion as well as decrease their feelings of being overwhelmed. As a caregiver or responsible party, weed through all the choices, then only present what you feel is the best options.

When making this life changing choice, knowing what to look for when picking an assisted living facility is key. Being well prepared with the right questions and arming you with all the right knowledge will make this decision quick and easy. Remember, the most important things to consider are varying levels of care to ensure all needs will be met throughout the stay and an enriching activities program that will provide ample opportunity for socialization, personal growth and self-expression.

Dina Frauwirth
Adult Care Advisors