Business Growth

Virtually all member companies increase sales as a result of joining the Executives’ Association of New Jersey, either by receiving direct business from another member, or more importantly, by winning new business from a non-member company referred by an individual member or by the association’s web site. Sometimes these sales occur weeks after joining, while sometimes they take longer to realize. Most members will tell you that the Executives’ Association is more cost-effective than any marketing expense their company makes, apart from other operational and managerial benefits they gain through membership.

Regular, Frequent Meetings to Exchange Timely Information

EANJ meets weekly for the primary purpose of exchanging leads and sharing other information directly related to generating business for members. The weekly meetings are held at the Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center in Florham Park, run punctually from 7:15 – 9:00 am. Unless a special presentation is planned, EANJ conducts meetings according to a time-tested format that efficiently facilitates sharing information while giving each member the opportunity to seek out specific leads and contact the assembled group. Allowing for holidays and other seasonal considerations, the number of meeting per year totals approximately 43 meetings, three in the morning, plus one evening meeting a month. Attention is focused on keeping meetings worthwhile and productive.

Forming Personal Relationships

Let’s face it: people do business with those they know and trust – and that starts with members themselves. To foster close relationships within the association, all members are required to attend at least 65% of the meetings. This attendance requirement ensures members grow to know and trust each other on the way to establishing productive business relationships. Most members are very comfortable doing business with and referring other members because their decision to do so is based on direct personal knowledge of the company and its principal or a partner.

Category Exclusivity for the Entire Metro New Jersey Area

EANJ membership classifications are carefully defined and maintained. Every effort is made to provide each business with an exclusive classification. Only one business per category is permitted to join. Each member company is a dependable source of supply. The Association covers one of the most concentrated financial, commercial, and technical markets in our nation, an important marketing edge.

Worldclass Networking Opportunities

All of our members are either owners, partners or members of upper management in their companies. By the nature of their experience, these high-level professionals are all qualified to provide high quality third-party introductions. Member commitment to be accessible to each other is major reason for the long term productivity and success of the Association. Many of today’s EANJ member companies are second and third generation members. The success of the Executives’ Association concept is evidenced by the 90 plus other Executives’ Associations in five countries who maintain close contact with each other through the International Executives’ Association (IEA). Almost anywhere you travel, you may take advantage of your kinship with members like yourself.

Educational Oppourtunities

EANJ engages speakers on an ongoing basis to keep members apprised of trends, techniques and current events. Past speakers have included politicians, executive coaches, IRS officials, sales gurus and more.