Business Growth

Most member firms increase sales as a result of joining the Executives’ Association of New Jersey, either by receiving direct business from another member or by getting new business through a referral from another member. Sometimes these sales occur weeks after joining, while sometimes they take longer to realize. Either way, most members agree that the Executives’ Association is more cost-effective than most of their marketing efforts.

Regular, Frequent Meetings to Exchange Timely Information

EANJ meets on most Thursday mornings with the goal of exchanging leads and acting as peer advisors for one another. The group is a wealth of information and the frequency of the meetings helps build relationships and keep engagement high. Meetings are held at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park from 7:15 – 9:00 am. Allowing for holidays and other seasonal considerations, there are normally about 38 meetings a year.

Forming Personal Relationships

Let’s face it: people do business with those they know and trust – and that starts with members themselves. To help foster close relationships among the membership, in addition to attending the frequent meetings, members are encouraged to participate in one of the several committees, attend social events, and make house calls. At EANJ, many members become friends in addition to fellow members.

Category Exclusivity for the Entire New Jersey Area

As a member of EANJ, you will be the only one to hold that category. We are an exclusive category organization so there can be only one business per category. We cover a lot of ground and have members from a vast array of industries. Be sure to check out the member directory on this website to see for yourself.

World-class Networking Opportunities

All of our members are either owners, partners or members of upper management in their companies. Because of this, the potential for high-level introductions is great. Member commitment to be accessible to each other is major reason for the long term productivity and success of the organization. The success of the Executives’ Association concept is proven by the fact that there are over 25 other Executives’ Association chapters in five countries who keep in touch with one other through the International Executives’ Association (IEA). Traveling where there is an EANJ chapter? You’re welcome to join a meeting!

Educational Opportunities

EANJ engages speakers on an ongoing basis to keep members apprised of trends, techniques and current events. Past speakers have included politicians, executive coaches, IRS officials, sales gurus and more.