Why Should I Join?

The most important reason is to increase your sales and win new customers. In surveys, an overwhelming majority of members say that the Executives’ Association is the single most productive, most efficient marketing expense they make for their companies.

If you are willing to make a commitment in time and energy to building your business, and to helping other business leaders build theirs, this is an organization that can really help produce new sales and new customers.You should consider membership if you would like assistance in making contact with prospective clients in New Jersey.

You should consider membership if you are comfortable networking with business leaders and are willing to share ideas and strategies. We often say that joining the Executives’ Association is equivalent to hiring 50 new salespeople without having to pay their salaries. If you want to grow your business, joining EANJ is the first step you should take.

What Will be Expected of Me as A Member?

The minimum you have to do is to attend at least 2/3 of our weekly meetings. However, to be successful you should attend as many meetings as possible, visit the offices and businesses of fellow members and spend time learning about your fellow members. The more interaction you have, the sooner you are likely to benefit from the experience and trust of other members. We also encourage you to become active in the association by joining a committee (or committees) and lending your expertise to the group.

What Can I Expect in New Business?

That depends. Some members are able to get viable leads right away, others take a bit longer. It all depends on your business, your commitment and the ability of your fellow members to identify good prospects for you and assist you with contacting them.

We advise that you take a long-term approach to membership — don’t expect miracles overnight and be willing to give before you receive.

Do I Have to Give Leads to Everyone?

Not really. While we would like everyone to provide leads to everyone, we recognize that in most cases this is not possible. Some businesses and individuals simply share more common information and relationships than others. We try to think of lead giving as a large pool of water members contribute to the pool and draw from the pool though not necessarily directly from the same parties. You should, however, always make an effort to contribute.

Do I have to give out my best contact to someone I don’t know?

No. You must trust the person you are giving a lead to and have confidence in their product or service. Over time you should develop the confidence to share a great contact with a member, but it is not obligatory.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

If it is not working and you decide to resign, we simply ask that your dues are paid in full until you send us a written resignation. We have many former members who have remained close to the Association and who continue to do business with members long after their membership is over.

Are There Other Benefits?

Members report that their businesses have benefited from their membership in many ways besides leads. Having access to so many CEOs helps in finding a sounding board for ideas or solutions to problems. Many members form lasting friendships. Your membership gives you exclusive access to EANJ educational events, guest speakers, golf outings, and a host of other social and marketing opportunities. We are always seeking new ideas to help our members grow their businesses and maximize the benefits of the EANJ experience.


Dues are $2,400 annually, billed every quarter at $600.