The Application

The Application

Standards and Requirements

Your Company:

Good Reputation. A ‘Dependable Source of Supply.’


At least two employees.

Credit Standing:

Above reproach. Preferably ‘discount’, but in all situations prompt in payment of just debts.

Bank Balances:

Sufficient to maintain credit standing with all suppliers and vendors. Merchandise and/or Services: Top quality, so that recommendation may be given without reservation.


Competitive within the market area served.

Type of Business:

One in which the company requires new sources of business thus affording the Association an opportunity to be of assistance; and one which would positively impact the stature and diversification of the Association. One whose primary business category is not already taken by an existing member.

The Representative:

Good Character:

Commands respect, is reliable, and embodies a leadership image for the company

Ownership in Company:

Should have an ownership interest and/or be in a position to influence the company’s operating policy and purchasing requirements. Should have wide and varied contacts that can be useful to others in the Association.

Should have the desire and capability to help others obtain business with his/her own company and with his/her favored customers and contacts.

Should be able to attend a minimum of 2/3 of the 40 to 45 breakfast meetings that the Association holds annually. Ability to express oneself clearly.