How to Grow a Small Business, by Russell Evans, Print-Tech

Posted on: May 13 2019

One  of  the  biggest  challenges  that    companies  face  is  figuring  out  how  to  grow  a small   business  without  breaking  the  bank.  Here  are  some  cost-­effective  ideas.

• Social  Media:   Having your  business  on  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,     YouTube,  or  some  other  social  media  outlet, is  a  great  way  to  introduce  your   company  to  potential  customers, promote  your  products  and  services,  stay  in   touch  with  current  customers,  and  ultimately  to  grow  a small  business.

• E-­Mail  Marketing:    Today’s  smartphones  have  made  e-­mailing  an  important  way   for  companies  to  communicate  with  customers.  Create  an  e-­mail  marketing  list   and  stay  in  touch  with  your  customers  as  well  as  reach  out  to  prospects.

• Be  the  Problem-­Solver:    Everyone  loves  a  problem-­solver!  Helping  to  find   solutions  to  problems  goes a  long  way  in  keeping  current  clients  loyal  to  you  and   setting  yourself apart  from  the  competition  for  prospective  customers.

• The  Personal  Touch:    Take  the  time  to  get  to  know  your  customers  and  their   business.  They  will  appreciate  the  care  you  show  and  remember  you  for  their   next  project. They  will  also  be  more  apt  to  refer  your  business  to  others. And  we   all  know  how  important  referrals  are  to  grow  a small  business! • The  Right  Employees:    The  math  is  simple.  Great  employees  will  help  you  grow     your  business  and  contribute  to  its  success.  The  wrong  employee  for  the  job  will   just  cost  you  money.

• Go  Out  and  Meet  People:    Networking  is  a  great  and  inexpensive  way  to  grow  a   small business  by  meeting people  in  your  community,  sharing ideas  with  other   business  owners,  getting  referrals,  and  gaining new clients.

• Learn  from  Your  Competition:   Check  out  your  competitors  to  gain  insight  and   ideas  on  what  works  and  what  doesn’t  work.

• Signage:    For  retail  businesses,  outdoor  advertising  is  a  smart  way  to  attract   local  business.  Hanging  a  banner  outside  or  placing  graphics  in  windows  are   easy  ways  to  draw  potential  customers  inside.

Free  Stuff:    Promotional  products  can  be  one  of  your  most  powerful  marketing tools.  People  like  to  get  them  and  they  tend  to  keep  them.  They  remind  people  of   your  business  every  time  they  are  used.  Choose  promotional  items  that  are   useful  and  have  a  long  shelf-­life.  Personalize  them  with  your  company  name,   logo,  phone  number,  and  website.  But  make  sure  the  info  is  large  enough  to  be   easily  read.

• Affordable  Marketing:    Every-­Door-­Direct-­Mail  (EDDM)  is  an  affordable  way  to   market  to  your  customers  and  prospects.  With  EDDM,  you  do  not  need  to  buy  an   expensive  mailing  list.  You  can  target  Business-­to-­Business  or  Business-­to-­ Consumer  by  just  choosing  the  zip  code  and  carrier  route  you  want. EDDM  is   one  of  the  most  cost-­effective  ways  to  grow  a  small  business.

Written by: Russell Evans, Print-Tech