Why EANJ Works for Me, by Harvey Gilbert, ESQ

Posted on: May 24 2019

I have been practicing law for over 49 years. I am a general practice attorney but I focus on real estate transactions for residential and commercial clients.  I handle zoning and planning matters and in fact, anything problem that relates to real estate.  I have a growing first mortgage loan business.

When I started as a young lawyer, the legal community did not see lawyer advertising as an ethical practice. We were expected to rely upon the strength of our prior good work and reputation in order to draw new business to our office.  In the intervening half century a lot has changed.  Advertising for injury lawyers and other specialties is now the norm.  I have not gotten used to it.  In fact, I sort of resent being selected by a new client out of a listing, the internet or some other impersonal method.  I prefer developing a relationship with the client that is asking me for some of my attention.  I want them to know me and I need to know them and their preferences.  That is the strength of networking for me.

Our networking group, EANJ, is comprised of business owners and executives who take pride in their accomplishments and experience.  These people are successful at what they do and they associate with other business people who are also successful.  This group of achievers regularly directs referral business to me which I treat with extra attention because I know that it comes from my group and extra attention is expected by both the potential client and the referring member.  I don’t mind extending additional effort and in fact take pride in working the task at a superior level of professional conduct.

This dynamic works to develop satisfaction for the client and my staff as well.  It generates a sense of pride which reverberates and is highly likely to produce a good result.  Everybody wins in the end.   A good job is done.  My staff members doing the work are happy.  The client is happy. Hopefully they will send in all others that they know need our services.   More referral business is the end result.  But this is not the only important benefit of being a member of EANJ.

On more than one occasion, my clients need something and don’t know where they can find assistance. I have a 60 member group of active business individuals that provide a resource core for me to use in satisfying a client’s need.  When the need arises, I can find a solution to the problem by contacting one of my members and asking for their best effort on behalf of my client.  This makes me a part of the solution and keeps the client’s attention pointed in my direction.  I consider this a bonus arising on my membership.

I am very happy being a member of EANJ and have found over the past 3 years that the cost of time and money in this group has returned to me far more than any advertising could have provided.  And it doesn’t end there.  I have not mentioned that the regular interaction with members of this group develops friendships that are continuing and enduring.  I am sure that when my business membership comes to an end, the relationships that have developed will continue for my lifetime.

Harvey Gilbert, esq